Occupational Pensions (Pensions)

A Pension Scheme created by a company for its employees. The employer and in most cases the employee contribute to a fund which increases free of any tax during the savings period. In some companies there may exist a Non Contributory Scheme, whereby only the employer pays into their Pension Scheme.

OEICs (Investments)

Open Ended Investment Companies (OEIC) is a company or collective investment fund that invests in companies and sectors on behalf of investors. Investors can buy and sell shares in the fund, which can rise or fall accordingly. However, the shares issued are not traded between investors on the stock market but are only sold and repurchased by the investment company. The value of the shares you own in an OEIC always reflects the value of the fund's assets.

Offshore Collectives (Investments)

Is a low tax jurisdiction that provides corporate and commercial services to non-resident offshore companies, and for the investment of offshore funds.

Offshore Investments (Investments)

An Offshore Investment is money kept in a jurisdiction other than the Individual's or Company's country of residence. Offshore jurisdictions are widely accepted as a means of reducing the taxes levied in most countries to both small and large scale investors.

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