Lasting Power of Attorney (Wealth Preservation)

A document that gives someone the right to make legal decisions on behalf of someone else who may no longer be able to make the decisions on their own (due to illness). The Power of Attorney can be given through a Will or can be ordered by the Court. There are many variations of the Power of Attorney, each can offer specific rights or limitations.

Level Term Insurance (Personal Insurance)

This is a Term Life Insurance policy where the premiums do not change throughout the term. The main feature is that both the premium and death benefits remain fixed throughout the life of the policy. Premiums could be more expensive at first, however they will not increase as the individual becomes older or if they become ill. The life cover expires at the end of the selected term and the policy has no value once the end of the term is reached.

Lifeplan Cash Flow (Business Insurance)

Lifeplan Cash Flow is a Financial product that identifies and assesses all forms of income for the purpose of ascertaining an Individual's Financial position when going into retirement or at any selected time in their life.

Long Term Care (Personal Insurance)

Long Term Care Insurance helps provide for the cost of care beyond a specified period. This type of policy is not generally covered by health insurance.  Long term care insurance can cover the cost of assistance for those who need help to perform the basic activities of daily life such as getting out of bed, dressing, washing and going to the toilet. You can receive long term care in your own home or in residential or nursing homes.

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