EIS (Investments)

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a program of Tax reliefs engineered to encourage investments in small unquoted companies, these companies are not listed on the Stock Market. The EIS can offer both CGT and Income Tax reliefs to investors.

Employers Liability (Business Insurance)

A type of Insurance that protects employers from employees with any injuries or illnesses that arise from working conditions. In some countries it is compulsory for employers to purchase Employers Liability Insurance.

Endowment (Investments)

A Financial Endowment is a transfer of property or money donated to an Institution. The total value of an institution's investments is often called the institution's endowment and is typically organized as a Trust, Public Charity, or Private Foundation.

Among the institutions that commonly manage an endowment are academic institutions (example) colleges, universities, private schools, cultural institutions, museums, libraries, theatres, hospitals, and religious establishments.

Endowment (Mortgages)

A contract whereby someone can take out a life assurance policy (called an endowment) and the policy provides an investment return over a pre-determined period and an agreed amount of life assurance throughout this period. Typically, but not exclusively, these are used to repay interest only mortgages. 

Equity Release (Mortgages)

A process which frees up equity in a property that cannot be accessed in any other way and would have remained part of the dormant value of the property. You can release the equity of the property and still live in the home; however, there are certain requirements (age limits) and conditions to be met.

Estate Planning (Wealth Preservation)

Estate planning is the Financial process by which a family or individual arranges the transfer of assets to try and mitigate some or all of the taxes payable on an estate in anticipation of death.

ETF (Investments)

An Exchange Traded Fund is a security that tracks a commodity,an index or assets like an index fund, but trades like stock on an exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold.

Ethical Investments (Investments)

Ethical Investing is where an Individual will use their ethical principles as the main filter for securities selection. Ethical investing can depend on the Individual's views, some may decide not to invest in industries such as alcohol, weapons or gambling. 

Ethical Pension Plan (Pensions)

A Pension plan for company Executives. The company's contributions are tax deductible and subjected to a cap. The Executive Plan does'nt stop the Executive from being apart of the company's Group Pension Plan, however the Executive's total contributions must not be higher than a specific percentage of their salary.

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