Death in Service (Personal Insurance)

Death in Service is when an employee dies while working or still in service with the employer. The Policy is a Life Insurance benefit set up by the employer for the benefit of an employee.

Decreasing Term (Personal Insurance)

Decreasing Term is a Life Insurance that gives death benefits, which decrease at a predetermined rate over the length of the policy. Typically, the policy is linked to a Capital and Interest Repayment mortgage where the outstanding loan reduces over time.

Debt Consolidation (Mortgages)

Debt consolidation is the process of taking 1 loan to pay off many others. Usually, this is done to secure a lower rate of interest, or perhaps to secure a fixed rate of interest. Also, it can be more convenient to pay 1 loan as opposed to many others.

DFM (Wealth Preservation)

A Discretionary Fund Manager works for the benefit of a client, and his/her tasks are simply to protect the fund against falling markets and to maximise growth in the portfolio. A traditional DFM will build a bespoke portfolio for their clients, and would normally require at least a £250,000 minimum investment.

Discretionary Portfolio Management (Investments)

Please refer to 'DFM'.

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