Capital Bonds (Investments)

Capital Bonds can be Onshore or Off Shore, Unit Linked, With Profits or Guaranteed single payment life assurance plans. The premiums give life cover whilst the balance is invested in Unitised Funds. In certain circumstances, some tax advantages can be taken, since the bond is a life policy.

Cash Flow Analysis (Wealth Preservation)

Cash Flow Analysis compares the timing and amount of money inflowing, against the timing and amount of money outflowing. A Firm’s Cash Flow position can seriously affect its ability to remain in business. 

CGT (Wealth Preservation)

Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit made when an Individual sells an asset, such as shares or property. Individuals have an an annual CGT allowance where profits above the allowance become taxable.

Collectives (Investments)

A Fund thats managed by a Bank, Insurance Company, Fund Manager  or Trust Company and operates a pooled group of accounts. Collective Investment Funds combine the assets of both individuals and Companies to create a large well-diversified portfolio.

Commercial Mortgages (Mortgages)

A Commercial mortgage is where the collateral is a commercial building, not residential property. The borrower may be a business of some kind, so the credit assessment of the business can be more complex than a residential mortgage.

Convertible Term (Personal Insurance)

In the event of a policyholder wanting to change their policy from Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance. This allows the individual to expand their Insurance coverage, if there are any changing circumstances, subject to terms and conditions.

Corporation Tax (Accounting)

Corporation Tax is Tax on the taxable profits of companies (Ltd), associations, societies, clubs and other unincorporated bodies.

Critical Illness (Personal Insurance)

Critical illness insurance is a where the Individual pays a regular premium and receives a lump sum payment if they are diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses specified in the Insurance policy. The policy can be designed to make regular payouts.

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