About Solicitors

What does a Solicitor do?

A Solicitor is a qualified legal professional who provides expert legal advice and support to their clients, which can be individuals, people, private companies, groups, or public sector organisations.


After receiving instructions from their client, a Solicitor will advise on necessary courses of legal action depending on their areas of legal expertise. Most UK based Solicitors are primarily litigators, although many can choose to specialise in specific areas of law and do their own advocacy cases.


Solicitors work directly with clients and although some work activities will naturally depend on the Solicitor’s area of expertise, they will discuss with clients to establish their firm’s suitability to provide the necessary legal advice and services required.


Solicitors deal with all the paperwork and communication involved with their clients' cases, such as writing letters, documents and bespoke contracts; being sure to provide accuracy of legal advice and procedure, in preparation for Court.


Solicitors will also negotiate with their clients and the opposing parties to secure agreed objectives, supervise the implementation of agreements, gather evidence, calculate claims for damages, loss of earnings, compensation, maintenance etc, and arrange the work of all parties involved in the case.


A Solicitors' work ranges across the whole spectrum of legal work from commercial work to personal injury cases, family law issues such as children law and divorce, criminal law, wills and probate and the general administration of estates. 


Solicitors represent their clients in disputes and in Court if necessary. In more complex disputes, Solicitors will often instruct Barristers or specialist advocates to appear in Court on behalf of their clients.


If a case does go to Court, a Solicitor is not likely to represent their client, although certain Solicitors can appear in Court as advocates. A Solicitor will generally refer the work to a Barrister or specialist advocate for expert advice or to instruct them to appear in Court to represent their client.


The term Lawyer is a generic term used to define someone who is a Licensed Legal Practitioner that is qualified to give legal advice in one or more areas of law. Basically Solicitors and Barristers are both types of Lawyer.

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