For many business owners, an audit is a statutory requirement that can be viewed as a necessary evil. An Accountant can deliver real benefits out of the annual audit, and their approach is to make the audit process a positive one for your business – they can identify potential risks, help improve business performance and recommend opportunities for growth.


An Accountant will see the preparation of your annual report as an opportunity to enhance your image. A well prepared audit can have a positive impact on the perceptions of potential finance sources, investors, potential clients, customers, referral sources and even your own staff – all of which greatly improves the prospects of your business for the future.


An Accountant's Audit and Assurance services cover the full range of business sectors, professions, commercial, charitable and the not for profit sector.


A typical Accountant's Auditing and Assurance services include:


  • Charity Independent Examiner reports
  • Estate Agent client account assurance work
  • Internal audits
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules Audit
  • Specialist sector specific audits
  • Statutory company and charity audits


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